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Why You Need A Business Manager

Your business requires constant attention to detail to ensure its success. Can you do this all on your own? Some business owners are adamant about handling their day to day operations on their own; others would really just like some help. You may not realize what a business manager is, what they do, or why you would need one, but the information below should help clear up any questions you have.

What Is A Business Manager?

A business manager is someone who oversees the management of a business. The duties and the role of the business manager can be defined by the business owner and can vary greatly according to each owners needs.

What Does A Business Manager Do?

A business manager handles day to day operations and has experience in many areas that are business related. They can handle the marketing needs of a company as well as the outsourcing for job related tasks. They should have an energetic approach to the job at hand and the appropriate experience in the industry in which they are hired. A business manager is a business plan creator, a relationship builder, and an expert in internet marketing.

Why Do I Need One?

In order to stay on top of the competition, an online business must utilize the newest and most effective SEO techniques and marketing campaigns. A business manager is experienced and well researched in this area and can bring a great deal of experience to the table. The constant attention that your business needs is more than one person can handle, so having a business manager on your side means that they will implement teams of experts to handle every aspect of your business.

Your company is divided in many different areas, website maintenance, copywriting needs, marketing techniques, traffic generating, product packaging, human resources, customer relations, and many other areas, so why not unite them all with one individual…a business manager?


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What Is Google Ranking and How Do You get To the Top?

If you want to increase your visibility on the web, you have to know what Google ranking is, how it works, and the tips on how to get to the top. Below, explains the basics about how Google ranks your page.

Search Engine Results Ranking

Google ranks your page based on search engine results. This, basically, means that when someone inputs a keyword in Google’s page, your site comes up according to your ranking. If your page is well maintained, consists of relevant keywords, and is within Google’s guidelines for SEO, you will be more likely to come up on the first page of the search results for the keywords of your choice. Most people searching the internet for information will choose from the top five results, so ideally, you want your page to be within that spectrum.

Page Ranking

Google ranks your site as a whole, giving it a Page Rank number between 0 and 10. Pages that have ranked with a 0 have little to no influence while those with a 10 are deemed to have the most influence. The ranking system works in several ways, and the most important way is the relevance your website has to offer on any particular subject. Also, you are graded on the number of quality inbound and outbound links you have on your page. The mathematical calculation that is used to determine your pages value is complex, but getting the higher score is actually quite simple if you follow guidelines stated by Google.

How to Get To the Top

There are several ways to increase your Google ranking, but the top four are listed below to help get you started.

·         Link Building

If you can get higher ranking sites to point back to your page with a link on their website, your ranking will increase. The more quality links you have, the better your ranking will be.

·         Keywords

Make sure that you have the correct keywords being used on your site and never overuse them, Google only wants relevant information, not fluff.

·         Use Title Tags

Be sure that the header on your page is properly worded and contains the keywords that are relevant to your site.


·         Anchor Text

Using a keyword rich anchor text for links and images instead of “click here” will help increase the ranking if proper keywords or phrases are used.

Stay on top of the latest SEO techniques but always follow the guidelines given by Google to ensure the best results for page ranking.



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