Singapore – A Multiracial Society

Despite its petite size, Singapore is actually made up of a main island and over 63 offshore islands that many are not aware of. Spanning 42 kilometres from east to west, 23 kilometres north to south[1], this tiny island is a country on its own, contrary to what many foreigners think.

Since its independence, the Singapore government has made it a point to develop the nation as a multicultural society. The country has successfully coined the term “Many races, one nation” to reflect its diverse population, cultures, and languages. As of June 2010, Singapore’s total population was 5.08 million[2], consisting of a variety of mixed cultures and races. The population of Singapore is a mix of a majority of Chinese at 74.1%, Malays at 13.4%, Indians at 9.2%, and Eurasians and other minority ethnic groups at 3.3%.[3]

The nation also welcomes foreigners from all walks of life and from all corners of the earth to visit, work, play, and grow in Singapore. Besides the modern architecture, preservation of traditional legacies and buildings, and the wide variety of local food, Singapore is home to many ethnic groups, each bringing along its own culture, art, and flavors.

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