“Days stars final flicker”- Front 242

“Days stars final flicker urging on the break of dawn…”
Don’t Crash, Front 242

All around the world, people are suffering, killing, dying, and mourning. Since the new year has dawned upon us, Earth has cried out louder than ever and is begging for help to stop the pain and cease all grief to mankind. Is this then, what others prophesized as, the “End Of The World” or “Armageddon?”

Like everyone else, who has been intrigued and disturbed by the countless news reports of human suffering and injustice, I have been glued to the different news channels. I am trying to get a handle on what is happening around the world, and why. Though, the news reports do not directly impact me, it seems to put me in such grievance for the innocent who have paid the price. The truth is that we are all human beings, and we possess an emotional attachment to others that we see in pain and suffering. Sometimes, I wonder how the news reporters do their jobs without breaking down on air.

Just in case you haven’t seen, I have listed some of the latest statistics (as of February 24, 2011) of the world we live in.

In no order of priority or severity, these are just some of the human illustrated activates:

–          New Zealand 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch: 75 dead, over 300 still missing[i]

–          Egyptian Revolution 2011: at least 365 deaths, lasted 17 days[ii]

–          Libya Reform Protest: over 300 confirmed deaths, Italian PM estimates close to 1,000. CNN reports that bomber planes that refused to carry out orders crashed or abandoned[iii]

–          Bahrain: Over 60 people being treated in hospital, death toll unclear[iv]

–          Tunisia: 219 killed in January, 72 more in prison riots late January [v]

–          Jordan, North Africa: death toll at 12[vi]

Other stunning facts that the media will not tell you:

–          In 2009, the H1N1 virus killed over 12,000 people in the United States alone[vii]

–          China: over 45 million people lack sufficient safe drinking water, and over 80% of deaths attributed to water-related diseases[viii]

–          India:  100,000 – 130,000 deaths from Cholera (as of 2010). Cholera affects 3 – 5 million people worldwide each year[ix]

–          As of January 28, 2011, 35 deaths and over 200,000 people affected from flooding in Queensland, Australia[x]

–          Brazil: Deaths from floods top 700 in January[xi]

–          Sri Lanka: Over 390,000 people fled their homes in January this year, 3,744 houses destroyed, over 37 people confirmed dead[xii]

Of course, there are many more that I haven’t covered here, but this is a start and this is a beginning of a new section of our blog we call, “Our world in turmoil”.

While I have no intention of depressing our general readers, there is a need for everyone around the world to be aware that the global crisis is not just in the Middle East. It is evident everywhere innocent people cannot drink a clean glass of water or play in a field without mines. Unfortunately, this means most of the world we live in.

To be continued…

In the mean time, we’ve chosen Front 242, Don’t Crash- written for the rise and fall of a dictatorship.

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