There has to be a better way than losing lives…

Just a few days ago, we (or should I say I) posted the first blog post of a series that was called “A world in turmoil”. Right after, I had a series of articles that I wrote in a spur of a moment to follow up with that post, but to my surprise, had to suppress all of my thoughts for this one – There has to be a better way than losing lives.”

While majority of the Middle East protests against dictators and their existing governments, and while I watch innocent people lose their lives because they stood up to what they believe in, I constantly ask the question “Is there another way out?”

In this day and age of advanced technology, superb communication tools, and state-of-the-art facilities and mechanics, why is protesting the only way to overthrow or reform government? With the UN and US treaties formed in many nations and countries, were we not forewarned of these crucial activities and situations?

Wisconsin is now seeing public sector employees taking to the streets against the budget plans coveting their bargaining rights and benefits previously bestowed upon them. Though the protest and violence exist in a different scale and magnitude, the idea is the same. Protests are emerging everywhere around the world.

What has been under-reported is the Jasmine Democracy protest led in over 13 provinces in China. Is China merely mimicking the Middle East, or are China citizens utilizing this non-dictatorship protest in other parts of the globe to mobilize a truth they have always believed in?

The Truth to Life

Living in 2011, one would think that there would be a lot more to mere violence, dictatorship, and suffering. The advancements in technology have led numerous individuals to discover long-lost loves, appreciate distant relatives, and research products and services halfway around the world.

Yet with all of this high-tech stuff, how is it that people around the world have to take to the streets on protests, and not have the option to file UN fact reports or complaints about inhuman treatment and unreasonable dictatorship about ruling parties via the Internet?

I may not be aware if any of these options exist, and we encourage all viewers to notify us of any of these measures that might exist so that we can share it with those among peril.

Otherwise, in my honest opinion, all the suffering from catastrophes around the world and struggles to freedom will sacrifice millions of lives before anyone is satisfied.

While some of us are too far away to feel the pain or notice a difference, and I’m in that position as well today, being aware of the changes and bloodshed in the world will make a big difference to our lives. Just like every gallon or liter of gas/petrol that costs increasingly more each week for you to drive your car to work, or the increasing grocery bill you have to foot every Sunday, because the price of rice or wheat has risen; all these are factors that affect our lives because of the struggles of the Middle East.

This crisis has a domino effect. It affects every one of us, not yet for most of us, but soon.

Suffering is just another phase of the Devil

In general, and in my honest observation and opinion, lives lost too many natural disasters are uncalled for, yet the lives lost to human-instigated causes, especially murders, fights, war, and sacrifice, are completely unnecessary and avoidable in today’s world of democracy.

I know of thousands of people in democracy-governed regions that are still complaining, which will be the basis of my next post, but if you bring yourself to discover the lives of those who have been governed in nothing but poverty and ruled by nothing else but injustice, you might just stop complaining about the life you live.

The world is a much better place when people live in harmony around each other, despite race, color, gender, age, or religion.

The Solution

Is there one? Should the UN or any united body of friendly-treaty party have some sort of case basis, or complaint union that governs the human rights perspective of all countries involved in treaty?

Protesting on the streets will result in nothing more than deaths, injuries, and pain. Is there no other more humane way of denouncing your country and pronouncing your views?

The Internet is one of the most useful tools to setting us free. Your views are heard around the world if you just took the step to announce them. To all the governments around the world, it is time to take a stand and listen to the people who are trapped and are fearful of their lives. There has to be a better of realizing the pain in the Middle East, other than waiting till innocent lives are lost.

So while the seasons may change, and Feng Shui may move in circles from one table to the next, in the same way, the world of injustice will travel around the globe. Until we are fully aware of what is happening around us can we seek true enlightenment with ourselves and our lives today.

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