Our Website Analysis Package

Not getting any traffic to your site? Or are your conversion rates not high enough to generate sales?

There are several reasons why even the best websites do not generate sufficient traffic and not leading to more sales. It could be a lack of promotion and publicity to the site, or maybe your copy isn’t conveying the right message to the viewer. It could even be as simple as adding a few keywords into your marketing messages to generate additional search engine traffic.
If you aren’t familiar with the practices of search engine optimization methods and key marketing tools, then it would be difficult for you, an entrepreneurial business owner, to make that call.
The team at Hot Fry Media is comprised of trained industry professionals that have reviewed, designed, and marketed hundreds of websites in various industries. Our clients include restaurants, online stores, clubs, medical professions, business, finance, children boutiques, and many more.

Website Analysis Package

We have developed a comprehensive website analysis package that targets every issue of your site that could possibly result in a lack of sales. There is no binding sales contract after the analysis is provided and you are free to choose who you want to work with to make the necessary changes to your site, or make those changes yourself!

Our website analysis package includes:

  • Detailed evaluation of your entire site
  • Analysis and recommendations on all website copy and marketing messages
  • Online web analysis of web pages, banners, and graphics
  • Keyword analysis and recommendations
  • Complete 2-page report of evaluation and analysis
  • Creative development of new ideas to enhance your site (included in report)
  • Complimentary half hour telephone or skype consultation to clarify all reports
  • *Small business web package: complete website marketing and enhancement package on how to increase your sales through the Internet. Includes educational articles and tips on maximizing your budget for the most effective results, as well as useful resources and links. Also contains several useful templates for introduction emails, sales templates and easy to use marketing taglines to promote your business.

$125 for a full website analysis and evaluation

Hot Fry Media has helped numerous small businesses and startups increase revenue online and effectively reach their target customers. Click here to read about our satisfied customers.
Contact us today at info@hotfrymedia.com or use our contact form to speak to one of our representatives today.

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