Our World in Turmoil – Part II

I recently wrote Our world in turmoil, and in continuation to the previous blog post, I would like to say that while the statistics have changed significantly, especially with regards to the Middle East, many other things have happened as well around the world that viewers have requested to be reported.

We’ve watched CNN, Anderson Cooper, and several other reporters try to provide newsworthy updates to viewers, yet get slammed with emails or requests to cover other more important topics in the U.S. market today that might directly affect their lives more than the news in the Middle East.

While I take no sides in these matters, as a watcher and a contributor, it is important to note that while many of our lives go about normally while others suffer and die for what they believe in, we too should pay our respects to those who are in turmoil and those who are struggling to get to the life that you and I both have. I am not an affluent individual, nor am I filthy rich like many others are, but I believe in justice and equality, the same way you have been experiencing in your daily lives.

The Media

As we all already know, the media needs to do what it does best, populating the minds of the public with information and details that make us wants to read or listen more. Coming from a media background, I have been trained to gather newsworthy stories that many of us do not really want to read. Yet when the sh&* hits the fan, everyone is fascinated by it, not because of the story, but because of how exaggerated and spun out-of-context I might be.

So my take is, why bother? Read what you have and choose what to believe in. Not everything the media reports is true.

The Truth

All statistics reported in the previous posting are factual and referenced. We do not fabricate sources, but what is the truth for you? Does it mean that just because you do not live in these economy-torn regions that you will not be affected by any of this? At the same point, I have to argue that the news is reporting far too much on the Middle East, and not enough on the country that all of us live in – The United States.

The repressed in this country are of those who work 10- 12 hours a day, some maybe more, that still cannot afford a brand new SUV and have a spouse who is struggling to raise the family on what’s left for meals after taxes are paid. The majority of Americans are taxed heavily, especially in the working/middle class, and face higher than normal rental/mortgage rates, sales taxes, and other not-understood-by –layman taxes that we unconditionally pay each year.

While you are not directly affected by the protest horrors that are happening in the Middle East (and trust me, we understand how you feel), you will soon realize that your $30 tank of gas has now reached a height of $75 for a full tank! Yes, that’s how it will affect you eventually or tomorrow for that matter.


I’m as neutral a person and blogger as you are. I take no sides, nor do I condone anything that is happening in this world today. Yet, I will state that amongst all the turmoil, each and everyone of us are affected one way or the other. It would be nice if you would at least include some of these sufferers in your prayers. If that came through, maybe the news reporters might say less about the Middle East and more about the struggles of actual working class Americans.

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