The Angry Sea

A poem on the Japanese tsunami – Friday 11th March 2011

It was just like any ordinary day

Then, without warning, all hell broke lose!

Causing many to become confused

As the monster tsunami wickedly

Slammed into their way  

Now, nowhere is safe on the ground

With giant waves and water rising all around

Many trapped people hope to be found

The massive destruction that brought chaos

Has seen people in shock and so lost

I ask: “Why is the angry sea causing so much harm?

Why can’t it stay calm?

Why do you destroy lives and homes?

Don’t you know that many may have to live alone?”

But despite facing a crisis

The Japanese people will witness

The milk of human kindness

As 45 countries stand united to display virtues

That is one of the finest

These search and rescue teams  have sprung in action

Undoubtedly, they will display love and compassion

They will give the Japanese people hope

As they struggle to cope

Let us light a candle and say a prayer

For all those in the land of the rising sun

I am certain God is watching over all of  you,

HE will rescue you, so you need not be on the run



Raymond Anthony Fernando2009

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© copyrightraymondfernandomarch2011

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