What Your Website Says About Your Company

When you are planning on taking your business to the World Wide Web, a website is the first step to your success. With more than a billion websites on the internet, your web design has to be innovative, professional, and properly marketed to be able to compete. One of the first mistakes internet businesses make is creating a website that does not properly represent their business. Don’t take any short cuts when it comes to your businesses success. Do it right and the results will be rewarding.

Always Be Professional

Your website is for your business, so keep it professional. This does not mean that you cannot have fun. It means, the first impression that visitors get from your site should be professional with a clear message as to what type of business you conduct. If you are planning on creating a website on your own, and know little about web design, that will show through and might lead people to believe you know little about the business you are running. Unless, you have extensive knowledge of how to create a professional and functioning website, leave the design to the professionals.

Be Clear About Your Business

When visitors first enter your website, they should know exactly who you are and what you do. There are some anticipating tactics that will help drive visitors to your site, so they can find out exactly what you are all about. If you make the message too difficult to retrieve, most will leave without ever finding out what that message is.

Include an “about us” page that explains more about the company, and always make your front page clear about what your business is offering.  Don’t overload your page with irrelevant links, jokes, pictures, or text. This will create a red flag for Google and your ranking will suffer dramatically. Google, and the other major search engines love websites that are properly represented, so keep this in mind when planning out your marketing strategy.

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