Hot Fry Media sets base in Singapore & launches global site targeting international clients around the world

SINGAPORE – MAY 24, 2011 – Hot Fry Media (, an American-based marketing and creative firm, opens its doors in Singapore early 2011 to cater to the growing South East Asian market and economy. This decision to expand internationally comes as a strategic plan to tackle the need for creative services within the region and to take advantage of the booming South East Asian economy for the next couple of years.

Established in 2007 as an international marketing and writing agency, Hot Fry Media offers what many small and budding business owners need- reasonable and uncompromised valued services. The Company provides marketing, copywriting, and other creative services to small businesses and start-ups, with the aim of expanding businesses and establishing its clients in today’s marketplace.

In recent years, with Singapore’s continual encouragement of the sprouting of young entrepreneurs among themselves as well as through foreign talent, Hot Fry Media aims to carry out their mission of aiding fresh businesses here do just that. They will make headway by supporting business owners with their objectives, through services that are essential to these businesses attaining their goals.

“This is an exciting adventure for us at Hot Fry Media and we see a demand for quality marketing and business services for the small to medium businesses in many countries that larger advertising agencies cannot provide on a personal level or at an affordable cost,” said Rebecca Binny-Hallmark, Co-founder of Hot Fry Media. “We can do just that.”

A global site recently launched at the start of 2011 by the company is a head start to their international outreach. Hot Fry Media’s newly launched site provides potential clients with information they need on the company along with its services.    

“I think Hot Fry Media will do well in Asia as it has in the United States. We focus on results and quality, and strive to help businesses reach their missions, visions and goals,” commented Sarah Jane, Co-founder of Hot Fry Media.

Hot Fry Media continues to target both local and international clients including those in the United States – a major market that was initially identified as their primary client base.


About Hot Fry Media

Hot Fry Media is an international marketing and writing agency founded and established in USA earlier this decade by two young and adventurous entrepreneurs. Inspired by the demand of quality freelance work in the advertising and marketing industry, Hot Fry Media aims at providing what many small and budding business owners need- affordable and uncompromised quality services. We specialize in small businesses, start ups, or companies looking at advancing and expanding their current product and service offerings. Our mission is to align business owners with their objectives, identify possible challenges, and provide the services necessary to achieving their goals.

You can visit us at or view our blog at

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