Why and Why Not to Go With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a tool that is widely used in today’s online business and commerce. Although, affiliate marketing is a modern, cutting-edge way of attracting customers and visitors to your website, the concept has been around even before there was electricity. An affiliate, simply, brings the customer to you. In return, you (the merchant) reward the affiliate with a cut of the sales commission. You can image a time long ago, if you were strolling down an alley in China, and there was a gentleman that stopped you in your tracks to show you the finest silk in Asia. If he was able to impress you enough, and you found yourself in the silk shop buying a silk robe, he did his job as the affiliate. The merchant sits back and watches the customers come in, and he compensates the affiliate with his finder’s fee. Pretty strait forward business model back then, but now, with e-commerce, there are many layers and players to deal with.

If you want to attract more visitors to your website, congratulations! You have the right attitude for growing your business. The easiest solution for creating traffic on your road to success is to hire an affiliate marketer.

A good affiliate marketer will work with you, and they will want to form a long-term partnership. This is a good sign and a reason why you should go with affiliate marketing. If your affiliate marketer has the confidence in their performance they will not want upfront money. They know they have the needed skills in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and have no doubt they can bring more customers to the table. This is a safe, professional, and loyal approach to increasing your sales.

On the flip side to that coin there the not-so-good affiliate marketer. Usually, they will require a lot of money up front, be locked-in on all of your customers, and have no guarantee of any time to expect sales. If an affiliate marketer wants to be locked-in on all of the customers brought in, that means, you have to pay them a share of the sale every time that same customer buys from you in the future. This may cause complacency on their part, and they may loose their aggressiveness to attracting “new” customers. That’s one reason why not to go with affiliate marketing.

The best way, to ensure that you are in control of your online business traffic, is to do the marketing yourself. There are many programs that will teach you the skills needed to put your website at the top of Google’s list. So, if you are up to it and have the free time, nothing is stopping you from conquering the world of affiliate marketing. Good luck!

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