About Us

Hot Fry Media is an international marketing and writing agency founded and established in both USA and Singapore earlier this decade by two young and adventurous entrepreneurs. Inspired by the demand of quality freelance work in the advertising and marketing industry, Hot Fry Media aims at providing what many small and budding business owners need- affordable and uncompromised quality services.

We specialize in small businesses, startups, or companies looking at advancing and expanding their current product and service offerings. Our mission is to align business owners with their objectives, identify possible challenges, and provide the services necessary to achieving their goals.
With over 8 years of experience and expertise growing and developing businesses around the world, Hot Fry Media is your one-stop shop for all marketing, business development, and writing needs.

Our extensive portfolio illustrates our level of expertise and commitment to each client we serve. The international spectrum of the company provides a well-rounded experience and familiarity whether you are targeting local or global customers and audiences.

Hot Fry Media guarantees excellence in our work and no client is ever too big or too small.