Our Services

Hot Fry Media is up to date with the hottest marketing and business development strategies in the market. From small scale businesses including start-ups, to a boost for already operating businesses, we are dedicated in entailing effective customized advertising and marketing strategies to provide our clients with paramount and unsurpassed solutions and services.

Our exceptional services include:

«  Integrated Marketing and Promotions
Over the years, Hot Fry Media has developed numerous marketing and promotions campaigns and plans to effectively target our clients’ audience and ideal customer. We serve both B2B and B2C businesses and have identified tried and proven methods that will help your business reach its goals.

«  Traditional & Online Advertising Campaigns
Give your business the best bang for its buck with target-driven offline and online advertising campaigns. We provide full service solutions from banner/ad designs, copywriting, media planning and ad placement services. We help you, our client, negotiate the lowest rates and take advantage of savings Hot Fry Media gets through its client-partner relations in the media today.

«  International Business Development
Our international team of business specialists is familiar with both the local and worldwide marketplace. In fact, half our team is based in the United States and the other half in the Asia Pacific region. We aid business owners build and grow a global brand acumen that is known and valued in the international space.

«  Comprehensive Business Writing and Research
We’re not only about the fun stuff! One of our specialties is conducting extensive market research and analysis of the global marketplace, and transforming that data into comprehensive proposals to effectively grow and generate revenues for your business.

«  Project Management
Most business owners and high-level executives do not always have the time to manage client projects and miscellaneous activity. That is why Hot Fry Media has put together an international team of project management professionals that have streamlined and facilitated projects such as web development, media planning and buying, blog enhancement and writing, client website development and proposals, as well as recruiting and training key staff.

«  Website Structure and Writing
We encourage all businesses to have a well-designed, user-friendly website. With a majority of consumers surfing the Internet to seek information prior to buying, website have become an integral part of doing business. Our web teams & partners develop easy-to-surf websites with constructive navigation menus, and creative designs. We produce only SEO-friendly content and websites for your business. All website packages are coupled with basic SEO features to kick start promotions for your site and business.

«  Detailed Website Evaluation & Analysis
Our team of web professionals are ready to take on any website you have. We conduct thorough, comprehensive assessments of any existing website published on the World Wide Web and provide you with valuable, resourceful, and vital points and suggestions on how you can improve your website to cater to your target market.

«  Business/Recreational Creative Writing
Hot Fry Media’s team of experienced business & creative writers maintain an extensive portfolio of written content across a wide range of industries including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), business & finance, restaurants, pet boutiques, health & beauty, and many more.

«  Article and Blog Writing
Two of the most practiced and popular SEO tools of today’s interactive marketing space are article and blog submissions. Used for a variety of reasons, blogs and article directories help promote and direct traffic to websites, as well as educate the public about your business and services. Our team of writers have written and distributed hundreds of articles and blog entries, and they are just waiting for the next big thing to write about – you!

«  Press Release Writing & Distribution – Online/Direct Media Pitch
With an American PR team, backed with local expertise, our press releases and media pitches reflect an East meets West flair that takes on quickly in the media world today. We find news angles in your business to showcase and get you fast, online coverage when you need it. Our PR team also pitches to targeted media in the international marketplace to get you interviews, news coverage, and industry presence.

«  Effective Copywriting
Our writers work hard and smart to develop creative copy and articulate text that will draw your viewer’s attention. Our ads are distributed globally and have effective results at brand recall and retention among potential customers.

«  Product Description Writing
One of our areas of expertise is writing descriptive, compelling copy for ecommerce sites and product websites. We churn quick, easy-to-read, attractive descriptions for products from all industries.

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