Like Singapore’s diverse culture, you will also find an overwhelming diversity of foods there. Unlike visiting other countries, you won’t need to worry about what or where to eat. Food, in Singapore, consists of a beautiful blend of spices from all corners of Asia that make it one of a kind. Authentic Chinese dishes, mixed spices and curries of India, traditional Malay desserts, or even Western favourites give you a wide selection for those moment-to-moment cravings. Just hop into a cab, and you’re on your way to heaven. If there’s one unforgettable thing tourists miss most after leaving this country, it is the food. Plan a lovely evening at a fine dining restaurant or join the locals at a coffee shop. Remember, around the clock food centres are everywhere! So you won’t have to wait till morning to chow down. If you’re heading to Singapore, be sure to try our popular dishes such as Roti Prata, Rojak, Laksa and Chilli crab. It’s no wonder Singaporeans have a passion for eating.

Check out these yummy dishes!
*All images courtesy of the Singapore Tourism Board.

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